Today is Halloween, a holiday initially signaling the end of harvest and approach of winter that goes back to Roman times.  Eventually it evolved into the eve before the Christian All Saint’s Day on November 1 or All Hallow’s Eve – now Halloween.

Banned by the Puritans but steadily rehabilitated in the Victorian era, it now has become a night where bothersome children come begging for Treats or they will do Tricks on your property.  Tradition has always held that this is an evening where the dead and living cross, leading to the spooky traditions tied to this day.

On this day I wish to pay tribute to a gentleman with a stage name of Tricky Henry, a magician and salesperson at Abracadabra Magic and Costume Store in New York.  I loved to visit him and exchange ideas and observations, secrets and plans for shows.  He died this year unexpectedly and in my most recent show Magic Zander (www.magiczander.com) paid fitting tribute to a man that was a mentor and inspiration for him.  I did not know Henry as well as Zander did but I miss him all the same.

Incidentally, this is also the day of Harry Houdini’s death, and why it is also designated National Magic Day.  If there is a magic heaven I know that Henry and Harry are chatting and laughing this evening.  Happy Halloween.  Happy Magic Day.

dreamstimefree_6648247 Happy Halloween

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TOMORROW: An atrocious National Day

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