Mom vs. Irma

Mom lives in a retirement trailer park between Orlando and Ocala.  She likes the warm climate and the friendly neighbors.  When Irma threatened she said “If it is less than a Category 3, no problem.  Been there, done that.”  Since that was the forecast she declined the chance to evacuate. Thank goodness Irma was worn down by her march up the Florida peninsula so that it was sufficiently weakened by the time it reached mom.  Still she caught part of the eye wall and avows it to have been one of the rougher storms she has weathered.

Mom won.  She is fine but with tree branches down all around and temporarily no power.  Her neighborhood had power restored by Tuesday afternoon, so not bad..  If not prepare there would have been one heck of a cook-out to take care of the thawing feed in her two freezers.  Pity, it would have been a monumental picnic.

I lived in Florida from 1974 to 1996.  I lived through Andrew and other storms but never anything like Irma.  I have heard from friends in Naples and Fort Lauderdale and they have weathered the storm but power and debris were problems.  Services are steadily being improved which is good news.  Let us hope this was an anomaly and not the new normal.  Doesn’t seem likely.

Hurricane Irma 2

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