A great Monday Night Magic

This week I attended another version of Monday Night Magic at the Players Theater in Greenwich Village.  The performers are different for each edition and I have learned to watch for certain favorite magicians.  It was heartening to see a nearly full house and enthusiastic audience.  You can check for more information at:


First up was juggler Michael Karas who is very talented and lots of fun to watch.  He was very entertaining but I am there for the magicians!

One of my favorites is Harrison Greenbaum, as much comedian as magician.  He has a few basic and impressive tricks he often returns to and I have seen these before.  He always makes it fresh with a wonderful ability to relate to his audience.  Though I have seen his tricks several times it is always entertaining and different as his audience (and his treatment of them) is always different.

I really wanted to be there for Jon Stetson.  He is a mentalist that bowled me over the first time I saw him.  I was better able to work out some of his work this time, but he is extremely impressive.  You must see him.

And yes, I do try to pick out tricks I can do in a future Plays & Prestidigitation.  I found one.  You will see an adapted version of a trick by Master of Ceremonies David Corsaro.  It was very good and yes, I can tell how he did it and yes, I will adapt it for the next P&P.  Thanks, David.

OOB Monday Night Magic

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