Six Degrees of Separation on Broadway

John Guare’s script for Six Degrees of Separation has always been on of my favorites.  I didn’t live in New York when it premiered in 1990 and so did not see the original production.  But I did buy a script and performed in a reading in Florida.  And, of course, it established a meme that thrives to this day, a bit of relevance few contemporary play scripts can claim.

This production is first class.  Allison Janney, John Benjamin Hickey and Corey Hawkins lead a talented ensemble that takes us on a fabulous ride.  Well, the script is the locomotive and once it starts rolling it never stops.  What a great production.  I knew I loved the script and this confirms why.  Under the expert direction of Trip Cullham this is certainly a top candidate for best revival as it is seamless and still compelling.

This is a must see limited run.  Don’t miss it.

BWAY Six Degrees of Separation

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