The Price on Broadway

Had the chance last night to catch “The Price” by Arthur Miller in its most recent Broadway revival.  I’ve seen different versions of the play including the 2000 Broadway Revival.  Arthur Miller is one of my favorite playwrights and this is among his best scripts.

The cast includes Mark Ruffalo, Esther Franz, Tony Shalhoub and Danny DeVito in his Broadway debut.  Danny’s role is a natural scene stealer and he plays it for all its worth.  Every member of the cast is exceptional and this version is well worth seeing.

I’m trying to move to the next level of my own playwriting and have thus far existed in the natural realism that Miller resided in.  While that as gone out of style it still plays well.  Having seen John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation (another of my favorite scripts) recently as well as Paula Vogel’s Indecent (incredible) I need to figure out where I go next.  Stay tuned.  And see The Price before it departs in mid-May.

BWAY The Price 2017

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