Indecent on Broadway

Time to catch up on more show going observations as this Broadway season winds toward a close.

Paula Vogel is a fantastic playwright and her Broadway debut is long overdue.  Indecent tells the story of a play in the early 20th Century (God of Vengeance) that was innovative and original and thus branded sinful and indecent in America.  Of course.  While it, of course, tells the story of the people involved, from the playwright to a backer to the actors to an acolyte, it is something I could never have conceived of – truly a play about the play.

It is accomplished by one of my favorite tropes, “we are the players here to tell you a story,” which I fall for every time.  I associate it with the original Pippin which I fell for as I was becoming familiar with theater in the first place.

The players rise from the ashes, which we do not understand until later.  This play and this production is stunning and why we want to do theater at all.  I strongly recommend you catch this and believe it is easily the best new play in the season.  Welcome to Broadway, finally, Paula.

BWAY Indecent

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