Lynn Nottage and Sweat on Broadway

The next daily catch up on my 2017 theater going brings me to the stage of Studio 54 and playwright Lynn Nottage’s long overdue Broadway debut with her new play “Sweat.”

I have long been a fan of the work of Lynn Nottage, especially her “Intimate Apparel.”  She has a wonderful way with bringing fully developed characters to her work that I get lost in.  Her characters in Sweat are as well developed and fully fleshed out as always.  The actors are exceptional and the direction seamless.  Yet you can tell I am holding back from a full fledged coronation for the play.

She did a lot of research for this work and perhaps I am letting this get in the way of my appreciation.  The political overlay of the plot details is a little top heavy and it weighs on me.  While I agree with the conclusions reached of the corrosive impact of corporate greed on the lives of the community it employs, it seems too much of a burden for the admittedly sturdy shoulders of these people.

That being said, this is a play you should see.  It is enthralling and believable and a worthy Great White Way debut.  About time.  We have had terrific plays on the boards this season and I hope it continues to find a niche among the tourist baiting grand musicals (heck, even a few really serious musicals to compete this season, but I digress).

So go see Sweat and welcome Lynn to Broadway.  Here’s to many more.

BWAY Sweat

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