If I Forget – Roundabout Theatre

OK, back on the boards.  Been busy lately and need to catch up.  I will attempt to blog each day about recently seen performances in New York as I have been seeing a lot.  Backlog to clear.

“If I Forget” by Steven Levenson is presented by the Roundabout Theatre at their Laura Pels Theatre.  It is quite amazing.  Well written and expertly presented it is one of several “political” plays I have seen recently that vary widely in their approach, and to me, in their success.

Playwrights often tackle political and social themes.  My preference is when they tie them through personal stories.  Overly broad or preachy approaches often fall flat or feel contrived.  “If I Forget” is first and foremost a personal story that subtly weaves a political message below the surface.  It is an astounding script and the playwright (who is represented on Broadway by the book of “Dear Evan Hansen”) is one to watch closely.

The night I saw it was during the evening of the recent blizzard and two important cast members were covered by understudies.  They were brilliant and I would have never known if I had not been told.  They and the entire cast were wonderful to watch.  I highly recommend this work, it runs only through the end of April.  Catch it now.

OB If I Forget

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