Plowing my south forty

Recently I purchased a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden, then I bought another.  Currently in the largest, Bounty version, I have cherry tomato plants.  For a while I also had lettuce, but they seeded out and the tomatoes took over.  I love tomatoes and so am getting a real kick out of harvesting fresh cherry tomatoes straight  into my mouth.  The AeroGarden is a version of a hydroponic garden (the roots are in both air and water) and so uses no soil.  This is very handy and clean in a New York City apartment.  It also has a grow light which will serve me well all winter.

My second garden is a small Sprout version that is being used for herbs (basil – delicious; dill – very nice; and parsley – struggling a bit).  I love having fresh basil to add to my beloved Caprese Salad, fresh and delicious.  I will also try making some fresh small batch pesto later.

I missed the gardening that I did in Pittsburgh, Florida and Ohio and never thought I would have a chance in a NY apartment.  Just call me Farmer Walter.


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