Thin Mints Cereal

I am truly frightened.  I have not eaten a bowl of cereal for decades.  Once I figured out how to cook some bacon and a nice scrambled egg I left that reassuring milk filled bowl behind.  I really haven’t missed it.  I have even eliminated most of my milk consumption (after building strong bones and teeth as a youth, of course)

And in recent years, especially since moving to Manhattan almost two decades ago, I have left behind Girl Scout cookies.  Before that move I would find Girl Scouts camped outside a suburban grocery store, their parents peddling their wares at work or even (how quaint) escorted uniformed Girl Scouts selling door to door.  Just doesn’t happen in Manhattan.  That was actually good for me as I could never resist Thin Mints.  I would buy as many boxes as would fit in my freezer (somehow room appeared each February – amazing) and then “ration” myself for weeks, or more often days to come.  Amazing how good they tasted out of the freezer.

Out of sight helped keep them out of mind.  Now, word that General Mills will be offering a Thin Mints Breakfast Cereal starting in January.  They say it is for a limited time but it can’t be limited enough as it will ruin me.  If I see them in the cereal aisle of my crowded Manhattan grocery store it is all over.  Done.  Finished.  A bowl of mini Thin Mints cookies in cold milk?  Forget drugs.  They are already calling my name and blocking out any rational thought.  I’ll need to shop for bigger jeans.


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