Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I checked back to see how often I have celebrated Cinco de Mayo in my blog. The answer is zero because I have always known it is a false American holiday. It celebrates a successful Mexican battle over the French back in 1862. But despite what many Americans think, it is not the Mexican Independence Day related to July 4 for Americans. In fact Mexico lost that war and didn’t break the French grip until four years later. Indeed the Mexican Independence Day is celebrated September 16 when they pushed out the Spanish back in 1810.

Back in the 1980’s beer and tequila companies turned the easy to remember festival into a lavish American festival of eating and drinking that has become ingrained in our culture. Nowadays nearly as much beer is sold on this day as the Super Bowl so Americans are all in. There is no reason to not to enjoy a good Mexican restaurant (or more likely for America – Tex-Mex). I just avoid them on Cinco de Mayo because of the crowds and the drunk Americans. But hey, order a taco and a Margarita if you wish and celebrate this manipulated American-Mexican holiday!

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