Disappointed but excited for the future

Well, my Bengals did not win Super Bowl LVI. Sure I was a bit crestfallen, but I have several upbeat thoughts about the game.

  • It was an exciting and competitive game. Too many Super Bowls are boring and blowouts. I like seeing games decided in the last minutes.
  • There have been many complains about officiating (especially in Cincinnati) but most calls were at least debatable. Besides, some better play on the Bengals side would have made those questionable calls moot.
  • LA is an obviously talented team and played well at the right times. Congrats to the Rams.
  • At quarterback, running back and receivers, these Bengals are a young and talented team and if they can hold it together great things can happen with this group.
  • Our offensive line is obviously lacking and Joe Burrow was hurrying his throws to get things done. A few more seconds in the pocket and these guys will be devastating. Bengals: get you draft and trade priorities right to get some better protection.
  • We went from winning only four games last season to playing in the Super Bowl this season. That is an incredible achievement and the Bengals should be proud.
  • With the young talent and the necessary confidence, this house will be a tough stop for the next several years. Go Bengals!

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