Cincinnati Bengals Advance

While my favorite sport is Baseball, I must admit that the NFL Divisional Playoffs were very exciting this weekend. All of the games were very competitive and were decided on the last possible play. Best of all, the Cincinnati Bengals are having their best season in decades. The Bengals beat the Tennessee Titans, the number one seed in the AFC playoffs. We now advance to the Conference Playoff against the roaring Kansas City Chiefs. We’ve beaten them once this season and while it will be a challenge, we can beat them again.

But I did come away from the playoffs this weekend with a vague sense of dread. The Bengals have played in two Super Bowls and each time lost it to the San Francisco Forty Niners. They also advanced this weekend. We have to both win this coming weekend to shape another Super Bowl rematch. Deja Vu? Maybe the third time will be a charm. Go Bengals!

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