A pleasant surprise production…

Waaaay back in July (that seems a long time ago) I posted about a coming performance of one of my short plays scheduled in August in Fredericksburg VA. That was a busy time as we moved to Florida in August and so I could not schedule myself in to see the event. When I checked the website of the theatre I was disappointed to see no mention of the event and chalked it up to yet another COVID cancellation.

I get some Google Alerts for certain play titles and was surprised to see that the long delayed production will occur this weekend. My short play “2020-A Perfect Year for Magical Thinking” and seven other short plays will be presented this Saturday and Sunday at Stage Door Productions in Fredericksburg VA. More information and tickets can be acquired at:


I know it is too late for me and most likely any of you to attend, but it will be a happy weekend for me, knowing that one of my scripts is being performed for a real audience. It was streamed last year but I always prefer a live audience. Nice.

As always you can find more at www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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