Throwback Thursday – When in Rome, do as the hippies do…

In high school I was required to take a language course. I honestly wasn’t interested in learning another language, heck, I can barely speak English. But then I learned if I selected Latin I would have to also study Roman and Greek history. That sold me. I love history, always have. And all these years later I cannot speak Latin at all, but I learned good ancient history. Still love it. So I recently discovered an old photo of the Latin class from my Florida high school. We had a grand feast that recreated what we knew then of a Roman meal (not the garum – the fermented fish sauce that was common with Roman meals). It was fun and we all wore togas made out of bedsheets. Very authentic. It was the 1970’s and I was (and think I still am) very much a hippie. You can pick me out pretty easily on the second row far left. Peace out, man. Or as we say in Latin: et pax, hominibus.

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