Throwback Thursday – the backstage crew at Bailey Concert Hall in 1987

As noted earlier, I finally came a cross a treasure trove of old stuff, so you can be bored by my memories. Watch out, Thursdays will never be the same. On October 12, 1987 I was the Technical Director of Bailey Concert Hall, a road house on the campus of Broward Community College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The college paper, The Observer, did a big cultural events section and featured our terrific house crew at the theatre. Much yellowed and tattered, here is the picture that went with the article…

If the photo is a bit disorienting, it was on purpose. The photographer gathered us around one of the dominant pieces of equipment in the shop – a quite large A-Frame ladder with extension. I don’t remember who’s idea it was, but three members of the crew looped their legs over ladder rungs and hung upside down to fit us all into the picture. They printed the picture upside down so that the three hanging on ladder rungs looked upright ad the two of us sitting on the base of the ladder are upside down.

From left to right, as the picture is oriented, is Carpenter Marc (Markey) Stoudt, Electrician Jacob (Jake) Murray, Sound Technician Michael (Mikey) Siegelman, myself, and Stage Manager Ronnie Phillips. Some rips in the title, but here is the article – Bailey Hall’s ‘techies’ exuding passion for college’s theatre.

The writer captured the mood and joy of working with these talented gentlemen quite well. It was a fine and magical time in my life that I remember fondly. I have lost touch with all except Mr. Siegelman who is doing quite well. They note some of the “celebrities” we worked with at the theatre. In my long career in theatre and in the fine arts I have met numerous well known personalities. I generally try to leave them alone so they can focus on their work, but have gotten a few signed photos and CD’s from those I’ve met. However, there is only one that I insisted on getting a photo with which I treasure to this day. That will be the subject of next week’s Throwback Thursday and you will never guess who it is.

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