The Cincinnati Reds are UP at the All-Star Game Break!

Long time readers of this blog are well aware that I am a life long fan of my Cincinnati Reds. This century has been pretty tough for dedicated fans such as myself. We seem to have been in re-building mode for the last two decades. In last year’s shortened COVID season we made it to the first round of the playoffs but then could not score a single run against the Atlanta Braves. That hurt in many ways.

But this year the Reds have a winning record at the All-Star Break for the first time since 2014. We’ve had our issues with pitching and injuries but we are in a great position to finish the season in contention because of our explosive, if unpredictable, offense. Our record is 48-42, just 4 games behind the division leading Milwaukee Brewers. We just finished beating them 3 games to 1 in our most recent series and face them again after the break.

So maybe this will be a good year after all. Go Reds!

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