Maybe not on National Handshake Day

A strange thing happened during the recent pandemic last fall. Seasonal flu and other casually contagious diseases experienced a marked decline. Part of that was due to social distancing, widespread mask wearing and compulsive hand washing. Flu bugs can easily be transmitted during handshakes – and there was much less of that during the pandemic. Elbow bumps hold far less risk and the most dangerous thing that can happen on Zoom is a muted rant or accidentally exposing oneself when standing. Perhaps we have learned a valuable lesson and as things return to normal there will be less handshaking. It is speculated that the practice of handshaking originated to assure each other one was not holding a weapon. Perhaps the most dangerous weapon today is neither sword nor pen but contagious organism. I suggest we find a socially acceptable alternative to the handshake this year. Maybe just tapping phones as they seem to always be in-hand these days.

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