Lightning Safety Awareness Week

The third full week in June is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week. It is an effort by the National Weather Service to help increase lightning safety.

It may be shocking to learn that lightning is one of the deadliest weather systems. Records kept by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) show lightning in the United States has killed more than any other weather factor. The second biggest killer is flooding, and the third is tornadoes.

Lightning Safety Awareness Week reminds people there is no safe place outdoors when a thunderstorm is in the area. Lightning can strike from over 15 miles away. The chances are if you can hear thunder, you are already in immediate danger. A lot of lightning injuries and fatalities happen because people were too slow to react to an approaching storm or too quick to get back outdoors before the storm was a safe distance away.

Be safe this summer and protect yourself from storms. Here are some helpful tips to assist you.

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