National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day

National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day occurs on the Third Friday of April every year. If you take a thorough look you may find unused and out of date medications that have collected there and clutter up the space. Worse, these medications can be dangerous to you or others in your household.

Don’t just toss them in the trash or flush them down the drain as they can pollute and damage our water supply and food chain. Some pharmacies will assist you in disposing of them. Here is a terrific resource on the proper ways and methods to dispose of them.

And if you wanted to share on social media, use the hashtag #cleanoutmedsday

While you’re at it you may find one of my pet peeves. Those years old boxes of Band-Aids that have dried out and n longer properly adhere. Unless I clean them out I only find them when I have nicked my finger and make a mess trying to make them work. Save your nick and get some new ones today!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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