National Pigs in a Blanket Day

Today’s National Day has nothing to do with warming your porcine pals (though that would be very nice of you). Instead it celebrates the favorite hors d’oeuvres at a munch reception. It is always the first plate to be emptied and always the star of the party. A simple miniature hot dog wrapped in some sort of puff dough. The options are endless with even vegetarian versions available in today’s gastronomic scene. You can buy pre-made little piggies in your freezer section or make your own at home. Oven at 375 F; pop open a can of crescent rolls, cut as desired; wrap each piece around a mini smokie or other diminished weiner (or cut a hot dog in pieces); bake about 12 minutes and you have the best appetizer (or dinner if you are so inclined) around!

The best part comes in the dipping sauce. Mustard if you are smart or ketchup if you desire or any number of other options. Get creative, try a chipotle or an herb sauce, or a horseradish sauce, or anything you might desire (or have hanging around your refrigerator). Eat it often, but not everyday. That’s a little much. Every other day is fine! Enjoy a Pig in a Blanket!

As always you can find more at or on Twitter @walterthinnes

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