Happy Easter and renewed hope to all

Christmas has made the most inroads to non-Christian people as the ubiquitous Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, has had the greatest impact for cultures around the globe. Part of that is the ubiquitous marketing campaigns of our consumer culture. But for Christians, the holiest of holidays, is Easter. With the theme of resurrection, renewal and rebirth, it is the very foundation of the faith. Setting an exact date for events two millennia ago is difficult and has been the subject of much calculation, speculation and manipulation through the ages.

But it is no surprise that we celebrate it as spring returns to the Northern Hemisphere. The re-awakening of the Earth is an apt metaphor for the arisen Christ and it is natural that we celebrate it together. (Okay, it also had something to do with a certain dinner for a certain other holiday, but I have never let facts get in the way of trying to make a point.) Whatever faith you subscribe to, it is likely you are also sensing a time of renewal this spring as we steadily beat back the pandemic and awaken to new possibilities throughout the world. Hope is rising again and is most welcome in these days.

I will also boldly assert that this holiday has the best candies of all. {My, this paragraph marks an odd transition, and is truly driving the essay off the rails.} If forced to choose just one Candy Holiday, it would be Easter. You can keep your Valentine chocolate covered cherries, your July 4th apple pies, your Halloween grab bags, your Hanukkah chocolate gelt, even your Christmas candy canes. Give me the Cadbury eggs, the gourmet jelly beans and the chocolate Easter bunnies (who’s ears must, legally, be consumed first). And the Peeps. Most especially the Peeps.

Happy Easter! And all it brings to us.

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