On This Date: Fort Tryon Park Dedication Ceremony!

On October 14, 1935, a dedication ceremony was held for the brand new Fort Tryon Park in Manhattan. It turns 85 years young today and looks amazing for its age! Nestled on a ridge between Inwood and Hudson Heights it has stunning views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge.

It is home to The Cloisters, the medieval collection of the Metropolitan Museum. It has exhibits of arms and armor, tapestries and artifacts from the middle ages. The structure itself is a collection of cloisters, churches and other buildings dismantled in Europe, shipped here, re-assembled block by block and stitched together to hold the exhibits. It is a great place to visit.

The natural beauty is unparalleled and has been named the cleanest park in the city. Because it is removed from the central bustle of New York it is less visited than other parks and is a tree filled oasis. Pro tip – if taking the A train to visit before September of 2021, exit at 181st Street stop instead and take the elevator or escalator to Fort Washington Avenue and catch the M4 uptown (which can take you right to the Cloisters) because the 190th Street subway stop is replacing the elevators during this time.

I am fortunate to live right next door to this treasure and love to stroll through it. Whether you live in the city or are a visitor (we need more tourists right about now – so stop by!) Fort Tryon Park should be on your itinerary. See you there!

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