Footnotes #25 – the final one!

Today marks the one year anniversary of when I went into surgery to address Severe Septic Shock brought on when a wound on my broken ankle was infected with an antibiotic resistant pathogen. I would have two more surgeries in the next eight days as the surgeons struggled to keep me alive. Since I am writing this post, you can safely assume they were successful.

The broken ankle was a side note for the surgeons who installed a rod that would lock my ankle in place and allow it to slowly heal while I regained my strength from the pathogen and multiple surgeries. For many months I was confined to a hospital bed, then a wheelchair, then a walker, then crutches, and now a cane.

Finally, I am no longer routinely wearing braces, I have much, much less pain and am getting around pretty darn well. One of my cousins had years earlier broken her ankle and she informed me that it took about a full year to recover. Apparently for me as well. This should be the end of this series in my blog as I appear to be at the end stage of my recovery. I could not have survived without the persistence, assistance and love of my Pamela.

I am grateful to her, my family and friends for their support and to the Creator who was apparently keeping an eye out for me. Thanks to all who prayed, sent well wishes and helped when we needed it most. I could not have done it without all of you. Onward and Upward!

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