National Roller Coaster Day

We celebrate this national day because on this date in 1898 Edwin Prescott filed a patent for his new roller coaster ride. It is fortuitous that it coincides with Northern Hemisphere Summer when amusement parks welcome roller coaster enthusiasts. The ride quickly became a sensation but was necessarily constructed mostly of wood in the early days.

As technology improved, metallurgy and CAD software became more advanced, the rides became loopier and more twisted. Heck, you can even buy software to create your own roller coasters on your home computer.

With the COVID-19 pandemic amusement parks have slow to emerge, but are steadily re-opening. Last month, in Japan, a park re-opened but was concerned that screaming the ride can evoke would risk higher rates of transmission of the virus. So they asked patrons to “scream in your heart” instead. Have a fun time this summer on your rides!

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