An ancient curse: May you live in interesting times

I usually pursue trivial topics in this silly blog. National Days. Food. National Food Days. That sort of things. Sorry to digress but I must address what is happening now.

Mob violence has been a threat to the authorities throughout time. The Romans famously used “Bread and Circuses” to keep the peace. Since the 1960’s it has not been much of a threat here in the U.S. What has changed?

First and foremost was the blatant, sadistic murder of a bound man in the streets of Minneapolis recorded and shared around the country. This comes after a continuing and relentless drumbeat of murders and attacks on African-Americans by authorities and those who feel authorized to carry them out with elusive and evasive punishment.

Throw in the deaths of tens of thousands of American citizens because of government fumbling, millions of people thrown out of work and the seeming helplessness and divided government responses. We’ve kept people docile with cheap Walmart goods and smoke and mirrors. The cracking of the illusion should not surprise us. There are not enough bread and circuses to quell this unrest. Buckle up, it will be a necessary long, hot summer.

Finally, I became aware of the world in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. At home I was taught that truly all people are created equal. I saw the old nasty racists around the country and assumed they would all eventually die out and we would have a more tolerant future. Hasn’t worked out that way. Seems they were educating their children in a their own way. We are reaping what they sowed. May God grant us peace and understanding.

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