National Eggs Benedict Day

While there are competing stories of who originated Eggs Benedict, it is widely agreed it was here in New York City in the latter half of the 19th Century. Makes sense it was first devised in a city that celebrates a brunch culture. As you know it is an English Muffin, topped with bacon, poached eggs and Hollandaise Sauce.

Here is where you would expect me to share a recipe for this signature breakfast and in a way, I will. You must understand poaching an egg is an art with a dozen different methods and Hollandaise Sauce can famously be finicky, even for an experienced chef.

That is why McDonald’s franchisee Herb Petterson came up with a fast food version in the early 1970’s and dubbed it an Egg McMuffin. He swapped out the poached egg with an egg fried up in a ring mold, replaced the Hollandaise Sauce with processed cheese and used Canadian Bacon. So when you wolf down that drive-through treat you are unwittingly celebrating a fine culinary tradition in a distinctly American way!

So I was amused to see that UK McDonald’s published a handy home guide for people addicted to the McMuffin since they had limited access to their outlets during the stay at home orders. Here it is for your handy reference in a sausage version. Dig in!

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