Footnotes #17 – Irony

Saw my surgeon again yesterday. As I maneuvered into the X-Ray room it was a tight fit and I heard the chair pop on the left side. As I left the room the left rear wheel seemed to skip a couple of times but all held together.

The doctor released me from being required to always be in the wheelchair when out of the house and begin general weight bearing on the ankle as long as I wear the compression boot and use aids such as walker or crutches. If pain or issues, I need to slow down but all seems good on the healing front in the X-Rays.

The chair wobbled a bit heading home and when I got inside the apartment I could not fold/collapse the chair. There is definitely something wrong with it but I hopefully no longer need it. It was cheaply purchased on Amazon and seems to have survived only as long as I needed it so I take this as a sign from above. Goodbye chair, hello limping. I think I will be just fine. I’ll see him in a few weeks and we will revisit.

Disabled sign. Handicapped person icon isolated in the red circle on white background. Illustrations of prohibiting warning emblem and not permissive symbol for the disabled. Vector

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