World Kindness Day

Well, the world could certainly use more kindness and here is a special day to remind you. It was founded by this group:

I am happy to see people banded together to spread kindness. Too many groups, whether religions, governments or clubs are too tied up in promoting themselves as superior or the only path to righteousness. Not all, but too many. If we are to successfully and peaceably share this precious earth we need to show more kindness to our neighbors and fellow travelers. Not just today, but all year long.

No matter the God you worship, be kind to the all the other people God has created. If you are a Secular Humanist, be kind to other humans, for goodness sakes it is right there in the title of your belief. I don’t know what more I must tell you. Be kind. Simply be kind. Be simply kind. Love and peace to all. Happy World Kindness Day.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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