trying Amazon Fresh Delivery

If you are an Amazon Prime Member you should take a look at Amazon Fresh, their new full grocery delivery option. After Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods they’ve expanded their “Amazon Pantry” options to include refrigerated and frozen options like meat, cheese, frozen vegetables and ice cream. Delivery is free if you are a Prime member.

I know the many complaints about the hegemony of giant Amazon destroying local vendors, but hey, that was said about Sears and Walmart before and things will evolve in the marketplace again over time. For now they have much better prices than most New York City stores or competitor Fresh Direct and they bring the order straight to your door (you have to establish a two hour window because of the perishable items).

Our first foray into ordering found the service easy to use, handy, and economical. We’ll continue to use it until something better comes along. Since you can check their prices online, you can see if they make sense for your neighborhood and lifestyle. I recommend you check them out.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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