National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day

Many of the National Days I feature on my blog were founded years and even decades ago. Many of them have mysterious origins and exist traditionally from year to year. But today’s was established by a Brooklyn based chocolate covered pretzel empire and this year, October 7, 2019, is the very first day this National event will be held and recognized. Meet Fatty Sundays who have declared this special day!

Now, we know that Fatty Sundays did not invent Chocolate Covered Pretzels. The delicious contrast between a salty pretzel and dark, milk or white chocolate coating is naturally tempting. Add some sprinkles and it is impossible to resist and has been around for centuries. While I have not yet been able to sample their products I am confident they are wonderful.

So go forth and sample a chocolate covered pretzel today to celebrate this new National Day. Enjoy the flavor options and spread the word. You are in on the ground floor. As soon as I am up and around I will seek out some Fatty Sundays version to report back to you. Someone has to do it!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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