Surprise! I got to go to the festival!

A few days ago I urged you to attend the Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park here in Manhattan but bemoaned the fact I could not attend due to my situation trapped in the rehab center. To my absolute delight Pamela arranged for our friend Hannah and her friend Rose to help us out by pushing my wheelchair into the park and voila! I had a wonderful time, ate fair concession food, got some much needed sun and had lots of fun people watching.

I tried to take a few pictures (as I did for last year’s post) but quickly discovered that being in a wheelchair in a crowd puts my sightline directly at derriere level, not a good representative of the fun at the fair.

So I have included this photo from inside the Cloisters Museum for your inspiration. Stitched together from a number of nun’s cloisters, chapels and Medieval structures transported from Europe and reassembled here in Fort Tryon Park, it houses the Met Museum’s Medieval Collection and is magnificent. Even if you cannot align your NYC visit to the one festival date, do yourself a favor and include the Cloisters on your next Big Apple trip.

Garden of the Cloisters Museum in New York

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