FootNotes #6 – TMI Tuesdays?

There is a trend on social media to overshare online with the tag line “TMI (Too Much Information) Tuesday.” Do not go looking for it if you are faint of heart. I’ve seen some pretty weird things I can’t unlearn on other TMI Tuesday blogs.

But I tend not to overshare. One follower of my blog has even said this site is “wholesome.” I guess my Midwest roots are showing even though I’ve lived in the Big Bad Apple for more than two decades. So for me I will use TMI as “Tame Matters of Interest.”

For the first several weeks of healing from my ankle break I wore either a cast or boot that the doctors insist I keep strapped on. That precluded jumping in the shower. I didn’t stink up the joint. I took daily and thorough sponge baths, applied deodorant and cologne, but it wasn’t the same as a shower. Last week my doctor finally advised I could remove the boot at least daily to let it air out, but observe caution in the handling.

So I’ve finally had a full glorious shower. Aaaaaaaaah. It feels great. Now, that wasn’t too much information, was it? Tedious Masquerading as Intriguing. TMI.

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