Start of the Long Reach Long Riders 2019 adventure

Today is the start of the Long Reach Long Riders 2019 Altimeter Tour, plying the twisties and scenic routes of Colorado. This is a group of theatre technicians and motorcycle enthusiasts that gather annually to tour different parts of the country each summer. I joined them for the tail end of their New England ride in 2018 and it was a blast. Sadly, I am unable to join them this year due to factors explored through this blog. They are a great group of people and they’ve been at this since 2004!

They raise money for theatre charities that help actors and technicians in need. If you want to learn more and/or contribute to the cause you can see the routes and how to be involved at their website:

To all the riders: Keep the shiny side up!

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

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