FootNotes #4 – Next Steps…or no steps at all for a while!

Good news about my ankle break is that it is coming along nicely with slow progress. The doctors have chosen not to operate for a variety of reasons but assure me that with their care and binding that it will heal just fine. Just as well with me as surgery can always pose other risks. Healing will take a bit of time and patience. So continuing casts for a bit and keeping my weight off of it.

Bad news is that I won’t be able to step in to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds this season as they are trying to improve their record to qualify for the playoffs. You see, my right foot is my plant foot and if I can’t push off the rubber with it, my fast ball really suffers. Yeah, Bob Castellini and David Bell were very sorry to hear about it but agree that healing is the best thing for me for right now. So maybe next year. Shame I can’t be part of the 2019 rotation but I need to restore the rotation to my ankle. Below is a picture of the last time I pitched for my beloved Cincinnati Reds*. Go Reds!

*Not really me, but the Terrific Tom Seaver!

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