Some Broadway Musings

My recent ankle injury will keep me from getting to the theatre for a while but that doesn’t stop me from paying attention. This is not encyclopedic but a few comments…

The shakeout from the recent Tony awards did not reward “Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus” and “Hillary and Clinton” and quickly closed. Unfortunate, as I liked both but they were not tourist friendly. Always a quandary as to whether unusual creative work has a place on The Main Stem.

Also closing in August after not getting the Tony Awards necessary to keep them running were young audience favorites “The Prom” and “Be More Chill.” I saw the latter off-Broadway and it was fun but it could not sustain a run with Broadway price levels.

Broadway closings were also just announced for “King Kong” and “The Cher Show” so if you are big fans of either the ape or the singer, better get to New York before August 18 as they will both disappear on that date. All told, lots of houses will be open next season for new shows – which is a good thing.

I am looking forward to two shows transferring from off-Broadway this season. “Freestyle Love Supreme” starts a limited run at the Booth Theatre in September (it is an improvisational rap show with rotating artists including Lin-Manuel Miranda and other excellent performers). The song catalogue of Bob Dylan is put to work for “Girl From the North Country” at the Belasco in February.

Finally, three notable shows I really loved will close July 7 and I recommend them highly – “The Ferryman,” “Ink,” and “My Fair Lady.” See them if you can. Come to New York and see a Broadway Show!

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#ATOBTTR update – Joey Votto recently said: “We had to get going at some point. It was a good little bump. We have to continue to roll. We have to continue to make a push and let everyone know we’re here and we’re serious.”

With all due respect to Joey Votto, one of my favorite players, we need more than a little bump. We need a jolt and many more wins. As long as you continue your mediocre ways, we just won’t get there. You can do it. Get to it, my lovely Cincinnati Reds. Go Reds!

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