FootNotes #3 – Gettin’ Around

Regular readers know I often post about Theatre (always preceded by Review – ), National Days and food, food and food. With my recent broken ankle I won’t be going to much theatre any time soon and work in the kitchen is highly limited. Because of some complications, surgery is delayed for the moment so this could take a bit. Meanwhile I am starting this story thread I call FootNotes, that you can follow or pass by if you are only here for the food.

One of my cousins broke her ankle a couple of years ago and she has agonizing stories about it. I’m learning about it now. Living in NYC is a bit different than living in the suburbs where a car eases, somewhat, getting about. One thing for certain is that I am much more slow and deliberate for the moment. Currently my three options are:

Crutches. They are elementary and help keep me off the broken ankle. However I rate them:

I use them around the apartment but going any distances with them are tough. Also, carrying things are impossible. I can’t go shopping with them, I can’t even go downstairs to the building lobby to get mail if I expect to bring them upstairs. However, they are necessary. Still, a little jostling from the madding crowd and I go tumbling pretty easily.

Scooter. Not sure if proper name is knee or ankle scooter, but custom made for my injury. I rate it:

The stress put on the thigh and my tendency to catch my good foot on the wheels make this a frustrating option. It is not good for long distances and the turning ability is very limited. However, it is the perfect vehicle to take garbage to the basement, pick up mail from the lobby or carry things about the building. The little basket on the front helps tremendously. However, it is quite weary making.

Wheelchair. Everywhere I go in this baby I hear the “Ironsides” theme song playing (for our young folk, this was a police procedural in ’70’s television with Raymond Burr in a – oh, never mind, look it up.) I rate it:

While too big for the apartment, it is excellent for going out. NYC MTA buses are equipped with the ability to accommodate these devices and the drivers are uniformly helpful and friendly as they strap me in. I’ve been to doctor’s appointments and shopping trips and am getting better as I go along. It is easy to navigate but tough to push my own weight with my arms. Maybe I’ll become ripped and muscular by using it. Yeah right. Hope you are getting around OK.

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