#ATOBTTR comes to New York City

My hometown Cincinnati Reds are in my dearly adopted New York City for a four game series against the Mets. I can’t wait and will be watching closely.

I will do all I can to help my Reds, including wearing their gear and joining them at CitiField Tuesday night. Of course, all will also be covered on local television.

As it happens this is the last Monday of the month which means another Cincinnati Night at Edwards, a restaurant here in the Big Apple. As I have done many times in the past, I will stop by to sample some classic Queen City culinary delights.

However, I will not print their URL, you can seek it out instead. I have heard several times from their publicist to add their URL to my posts, which I have done in the past. However, they have ignored my requests for more information to provide my readers to help spread the word on their restaurant. Until they help, no further help from me!

Go REDS, go REDS, go REDS, go REDS. Once for each game!

As always you can find more at http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

#ATOBTTR Okay, team, we dropped the last Series to those dreadful Cardinals. Don’t get down. We can take these New York Metropolitans. Go out there and play well.

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