Ahem, about that #ATOBTTR post

So last week I celebrated the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day win saying I would crow with the hashtag ATOBTTR – the signal winning call of vaunted Marty Brenneman “And This One Belongs To The Reds.”

Problem is that it has not been heard since. Yep, we have lost every game since Opening Day and stand at 1 win and 8 losses. If a football team can win one game each week they will be a darn good team. If a baseball team wins one game each week, it slides straight down to the cellar. The good news is that it is a 162 game season and if they can turn this around we still have time to win it all. But they better get started soon.

Today the Reds start a three game series with the Miami Marlins. We need to take this series. They’ve had a day off after the eight straight losses (and one rain-out). The frustration caused many ejections on Sunday in their game with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Deep breath. What now?

I am at a loss and so far drinking from my Reds coffee mug, wearing my Reds shirt, rubbing my mascot Gapper toy, none has worked so far. If you have any ideas for what I should do next please let me know. Please. Go Reds. Go Reds? Go Reds!

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