Review – Éléphant

I recently had the great pleasure of seeing a reading of a play by Eva MeiLing Pollitt – Éléphant.

Because it was a developmental and promotional reading I won’t go into any depth but have several observations. The play is set in 1890’s France in and around a bordello. It artfully blends French and English in a way that sets the tone in that does not intimidate mono-linguists like myself. The play focuses on a woman just short of coming of age in this difficult environment. The actress Raiane Cantisano is amazing at portraying the innocence and growing wonder of Clérèse and is captivating in a troubled circumstance. I was also happy to see Maera Daniel Hagage (a superb actress in my recent short play) as Renée. All the performers were first rate but I was especially captivated by Raiana and Maera.

The reading was mounted in an attempt to attract investors and co-producers to move the play to a commercial production. I certainly hope they succeed as I would love to see a full realization of this project.

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