Review – The Other Josh Cohen

Go see “The Other Josh Cohen.” It holds two lessons I take to heart. Created by David Rossmer and Steve Rosen (who also star) it has gone through years of development and workshops and has come out in a sharp distinct performance that does not feel like it came from a committee but from the heart. Also it portrays a young man at the low ebb of his life who holds his values and comes out happy and in good shape.

Get to your seats no later than 10 minutes before curtain to watch a key plot point played out. Then watch two versions of Josh Cohen (one from today and another from a year hence) converse and sing around the establishing plot devices. Watch the other terrific actors and musicians whirl around the central Josh Cohens in hilarious and compelling multiple characters. Jane Bruce, Luke Darnell, Hannah Elless, Elizabeth Nestlerode, Zach Spound and Louis Tucci are a joy to watch.

I don’t want to give too much away so you can discover this terrific show by yourself. It gets better with each passing minute. If you can make it to New York City through the scheduled run, see it and enjoy. Along with swinging chandeliers and puppet apes, you should see a show with a heart and with a large warm soul. See it.

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