Review – God Shows Up

I really wanted to like the new play God Shows Up, now at the Playroom Theatre in midtown through February 21. It is written by theatre reviewer and chronicler Peter Filichia. He is a member of one of my favorite podcasts (This Week On Broadway). I usually agree with his reviews and insight and find his encyclopedic knowledge of theatre fascinating and engaging.

Plays sending up the puffery and hypocrisy of organized religion (especially the prosperity ministries who weigh your faith by your contributions) often entertain me and if, as is often the case, done with rapier wit, keep me engaged. Unfortunately this work starts with a broadsword, moves to sledge hammer and lands with a wrecking ball. He hits all the necessary points but it is not often subtle. That combined with an actor not fully off book by the fifth public performance and a rather trite turn at the end left me disappointed.

However, Mr. Filichia often uses the phrase “But as I always say, I’d much rather you have a good time than agree with me.” when giving a not so stellar review. It is one of many reasons I like him (and remember my admission recently loving LeGrand’s “Amour” when the rest of Broadway shunned it). Go see it before it closes. Support new scripts. Support new work. The price is low and who knows, you just may like it.

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