Review – The African Drum

It is not often that I go to public school auditoriums to view theatre. But the presence in the cast of talented actress Kasey Moorhouse (who has been in several of our productions) was enough to draw me in. The Shadow Box Theatre has been performing a repertoire of plays for elementary schools for decades and they did a terrific job.

One big advantage for me was that no one in the audience was tall enough to block my view and I sat well back to not block anyone else. The crowd was small but enthusiastic and the performers winsome and engaging. The drummer as orchestra and fine puppeteering by the entire cast was especially notable. They stressed lessons and values not quite as complex as Eugene O’Neill but more involved than the TeleTubbies. The audience ate it up. Hopefully this starts a lifetime of of live theater going for these young’uns and provides better feedback and enjoyment than the screens they have already been introduced to. Go live theater!

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