Review – Pretty Woman The Musical

Don’t hate me.  You’ve likely heard all the buzz about how Pretty Woman The Musical, currently playing at the Nederlander Theatre on Broadway, is terribly out of date and decidedly wrong for the #metoo era.  I was never a great fan of the 1990 movie it mimics completely but recognized that many people were thrilled by it.  So I came to the theatre ready to scowl and tsk tsk the patriarchal anachronisms.  But I slowly let my guard down and had a very nice time.  The score didn’t provide me with songs to hum as I was leaving but was country/rock/blues appropriate to the show.  The leads Andy Karl and Samantha Barks were terrific as was the entire cast.  The musical form provides an easier insight into the wants of the characters than the movie did (the Edward Lewis character’s transition is especially more believable than the movie).  So, if you liked the movie go and see it.  As it is essentially beat by beat the movie, just with singing.  Hey, tourists need to be entertained too.

BWAY Pretty Woman The Musical

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