National Cookie Day!

Today is National Cookie Day which is a rather generic focus but that is fine as I generically like cookies!  Cookies are superior because you can get a lot of different types and flavors into a serving whereas a slice of pie or cake is a rather singular approach.  If I ever (heaven forbid) had to choose just one cookie for the rest of my life it would be Snickerdoodles.  Many years ago I was known as the cookie man because I would make dozens of types and thousands of cookies delivered in stuffed plates to friends every December.  My small New York City kitchens put an end to that but I still dream of them.  My mom promises this year to undertake the massive effort to make some Lebkuchen, which is a German mini-fruitcake cookie.  Actually she has to make it weeks ahead of time as they are best to season and soften over time.  So that means she has already baked them.  Can’t wait to taste them closer to the holidays and will happily report how they are!  Yum!

dreamstime_xxl_97176789 food dessert assortment of cookies

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