The cleanest park in New York City!

While perusing the current edition of The New Yorker magazine I came about a Talk of the Town segment named “One Man’s Trash” by Patricia Marx.  It details a new activity called “plogging.”  The word is a combination of jogging and “plocka uppa” (the Swedish term for “picking up.”)  These folks jog through public spaces like parks and pick up litter.  No wonder those nutty Nordic nations are so nice and neat!

Anyway, the craze has reached The Big Apple and the article featured tales of plogging in New York City parks.  If you see joggers wearing rubber gloves you now know why!  I was thrilled when they noted that my neighborhood park, Fort Tryon Park was the cleanest of all of them.  So thank you to all you tourists and New Yorkers for NOT visiting Fort Tryon Park.  It leaves it quiet and clean for the rest of us.

But do mark September 30 on your calendar.  The Medieval Fair happens that day and you are welcome on that one day.  Just be aware that 60,000 others will have the same idea.  See you then.

Fort Tryon Park Map

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