Take Wing & A Blanket of Dust

Come to New York City to experience live theater this month!

Unlike film or television, live performance by its nature is ethereal magic.  No two live performances, even of the same work, are ever the same.  The magic is a shared experience by the audience and performers.  Most importantly, many events, especially theatre events that I love are fleeting, ending after a brief run (unless a chandelier falls during the show), is gone forever and you should regret missing the opportunity to share that magic.  Today’s post focuses on two such events during the month of June.  Both are available from Ovationtix.com but I have special discounts for each.

First is an award wining short play I have written titled TAKE WING and is part of the Players Theatre Short Play Festival in Greenwich Village.  It is especially fleeting with only four performances between June 14 and 17.  The ten minute play is paired with several others in the theme of Only in New York and the favorite play of the audience for the week gets a prize.  I would love to earn your vote.  You can save $10 of the $30 ticket price.  You can use the link below to go straight to the discount and I hope you will stop by to say hello.


The other show I want to highlight starts performances today and runs through June 30.  The play A BLANKET OF DUST is by Richard Squires and is at The Flea Theatre in Manhattan.  I will be reviewing it later this month.  I have been authorized to provide a special discount code below to save 25% of the price of a ticket.  My philosophy is to see as much theater as I can and use discount codes to save money and allow me to see even more theater!


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As always you can find more on http://www.walterthinnes.com and on Twitter @walterthinnes

TOMORROW:More reviews


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