Review – A Letter to Harvey Milk

We’ve seen a number of shows recently and have at least half a dozen in the queue to post reviews for.  But I must get word about about a touching, charming and yes, even funny, chamber musical at the Acorn Theatre at Theatre Row.

A very personal tale of a kosher butcher in San Francisco that encompasses gay pride, Jewish humor, and writers block all in one story.  I don’t want to tell too much about the plot so you can discover it yourself.  But I can promise the story is surprising and engrossing.  The cast is amazing, the performance we saw had several new members and replacements which we didn’t discover until reviewing the program afterward.  We were blown away as the show was seamless, a tribute to the professionalism and talent of this troupe.  Amazing.

I strongly urge you to see this show as the house was light and I fear it may close soon.  Discounts abound, the show is a must see.  Go.  Today.

OOB A Letter to Harvey Milk

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