Manhattanhenge, Manhattan Henge or Henge o’ Manhattan is back!

In January I alerted you to a sunrise Manhattanhenge and gave you advance notice of the next occurrence of the sunset version.  The orientation of Manhattan is generally north-south and the Commissioners Plan of 1811 created a grid system of streets north of 14th Street.  As the earth tilts to create our seasons, the sun also aligns itself to our cross streets four times each year, two for sunrise, two for sunset.  The result (as popularized by the great astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and compared to Stonehenge) is a picturesque juxtaposition between our concrete canyons and our beloved sun.

Heads up, the next full alignment occurs Wednesday, May 30 during sunset (scheduled for 8:12 PM).  Views are nearly as dramatic on days either side of it.  The weather forecast for that day is beautiful so get out your camera and go to a cross street, especially in midtown.  Scout out your spot in the coming days and get a great picture to show off.  Shoot for street bridges and traffic islands.  I’ve seen people scurry into traffic to get that shot which I do not recommend.

dreamstime_xxl_54870871 Manhattanhenge sunset NYC

PS: if you figured out this is a sunrise picture, extra points.

As always you can find more at and on Twitter @walterthinnes

NEXT WEEK: A Monday Holiday and special anniversary (and see Manhattanhenge, really!)

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