National Escargot Day

I love all kinds of cuisines, including French.  One of their signature dishes is escargot and is one of my favorites.  Some people can’t get around the base of the dish, delicious snails.  But they now send positively tame compared to some of the adventurist food programs on cable TV.  Essentially escargot is a delivery device for butter and garlic and that is what I love about it.

I have never tried to make it myself, my snail hunting forays have always ended in failure.  But I do have a recommendation if you are visiting New York looking for an excellent French restaurant.  It is a quirky but very authentic eatery named OCabanon at 245 W 29th Street, just south of Penn Station.  You’ll love it, even if you skip their delicious escargot.

dreamstime_xxl_3780165 escargot food french

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